GPS has become such an important element in a mobile which, it is cheap, no one leaves the factory without integrating. Able to put the smartphone and its owner on the map, and to offer such interesting features like photo tagging and capture Pokémon with the GPS is so easy to find the best route to anywhere and be guided effectively and free . Long live the GPS! Chiva until the position when we needed anonymity.

Everything about the GPS on Android: how it works and how desactivarloEl GPS is one of the important pieces in our Android devices: we explain how it works and how you can control the GPS in Android.
With the GPS positioning systems and smartphone there is no margin for error if we were on a brand site is because we really were in it. Request tracking WhatsApp, use it to meet friends, discover that Google keeps a complete history of positions ... The GPS can give many headaches, but there are ways to trick him.

One of the best virtues of Android is its customizability and adjustment advanced features, something that highlights the simulation locations. What does it consist of? Activating settings from developers is possible to tell the mobile what their situation so that he forward it to any application that requests it. Even the system: simply that we mark a site to automatically mobile think that we are there.

How to emulate false location on Android
To activate the simulated location, previous step to fool the GPS with any application, you just need to do the following:

Access Android Settings and descends to "Phone Information".
Click ten times on "Build number." You will see that the "Developer options" are activated.
Enter the newly appeared menu and search for "Choose application to simulate location". The name of the setting may vary depending on the device and brand.
Choose any of the applications that have recommended below and presto: you and deceive the GPS with a false location.
Applications to fool the Track Phone of your mobile phone

This "trick" is perfect for developers who want to test their geolocation app and also for those who want a different location, for example, add labeling to a photo before uploading geographic location to a social network. There are other more objectionable uses (change the location to play Pokemon GO, for example), so you must use common sense before deceive the GPS with a false location.

Let's see what the best Android applications are now to simulate locations. All are perfect for the task, so choose one or the other depending on their ease of use or offer the added adjustments.

Floater - Fake Location

Applications to fool the GPS of your mobile phone

I start with this one because it is one of the most modern and has motivated me to draft the article: Floater. It is very simple to use as we will have an overlay map on the screen sufficing move until the point is over the location to simulate. We can activate or stop its operation directly from the notification bar and even adjusting the rate plan routes for the mobile creates that moves.

Floater - Fake Location is free, has no advertising and can be removed with an in app purchase of 1,19 euros. No limitations on the free version and one of the best I have found to fool the GPS.


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